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Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
momento y que es ultimo con solo 4 puntos. en mendoza, la selecciÓn de argentina, lider en la clasificacion sera local y recibe al campeon de america, la selecciÓn de uruguay que quiere salir del bache que han entrado en las ultimas fechas y que ha bajado al cuarto luar con 12 unidades. en quito, la selecciÓn de ecuador que esta tercero se medira a chile que tambien llega con altibajos y con la variante que su tecnico no podra estar en la banca por la suspensiÓn que pesa sobre el y alguna lesiones de jugadores, chile es quinto en la tabla. cierran la fecha en la paz, donde la selecciÓn de bolivia de local ha tenido problemas para ganar, razon que lo tiene en la ultima casilla con solo 4 puntos y para maÑana espera recuperar terreo, pero para ello tienen que derrotar a peru que lleva varios dias de aclimataciÓn en el cuzco, los peruanos estan en la septima posiciÓn con solo 7 unidades. y les recuerdo que hasta maÑana viernes a las seis puede participar por un par de entradas gratis para el concierto de gilberto santa rosa y tito puente junior, univision washington y la
FOX Business
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
business exclusive is brainiac's from mars, romeo mendoza. thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it. melissa: a quite a bunch of people said they want to do this. were you surprised how many people wanted to do with it? >> yeah we were. we weren't sure what to expect after the first three days we had 10,000 applications. just shows us a lot of people are really having a hard time out there. so that is very surprising. melissa: so you pay people's mortgages up to a year, right? do you have enough people that want to advertise on the side of houses? >> that's right. melissa: in order to fill that much demand? >> we have 42,000 applicants, literally from all over the world. 95% are in the u.s. we have them as far as away as japan, italy, the u.k. so, there is lot of people. melissa: there's a lot of people want their houses painted. i'm sorry -- >> overyeah, most definitely. most definitely. they realize this is a home that attracts attention. we have a lot of large brand that came forward. want to advertise on the house so most definitely. melissa: like wh
Oct 12, 2012 4:00pm PDT
from fellow classmates tonight. ivan mendoza was the only name on home coming king ballot this year, everyone knows and adores the senior, they've elected him as home coming king. >> when i see him he's outgoing. friendly nice. to me, he deserves it he will be crowned at the home coming dance. of course he says he plans on dancing to celebrate. >> still ahead your voice, your vote. vice president biden and vice president candidate paul ryan came out swinging. both made strong claims but were they all truthful? >> right now space shuttle endeavor on a slow road to retirement. crawling through streets. you can see another very tight squeeze right here. we'll show you more of this amazing journey. >> later a mixed day of emotions for bay area baseball fans. oakland a's packing up. giants >>> now to your voice, your vote. the only vice presidential debate turned out to be a battle. >> last night's debate was marked by spirited claims but they didn't always match the facts. >> mark matthews joins us now with a fact check. >> let's start with taxes congressman ryan and vice president bide
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3